In close proximity to the city of uMhlathuze, the town of Kwambonambi is situated alongside one of the country's major highways, which runs from Cape Town to the Mozambican border and which carries both business and tourist traffic.


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Mbonambi Municipality is ideally placed for both industrial and residential development, as well as the expansion of its existing timber industry.

In close proximity to the city of uMhlathuze, the town of Kwamnonambi is situated alognside one of the country's major highways, which runs from Cape Town to the Mozambiquean border and which carries both tourist and business traffic.

The municipality is aiming at rejuvenating the area via infrastructure development and private investment. There is an abundance of land which can be made available for industrial purposes.  

The strategic phase involves the formulation of a vision for the long term development objectives and development strategies for the Mbonambi Municipality which align with provincial and local and district development plans. The identified strategies include the cross-cutting of critical issues such as poverty alleviation, gender equity, HIV/AIDS, cholera, indigenous diseases and environmental issues. This section also outline development programmes, development projects, the IDP Financial Framework, Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Operational Strategies.




Formulating a long term vision for growth and development is an important step to inspire and focus the attention of all residents, communities, stakeholders, politicians, and officials in creating a desirable future for the Mbonambi Municipality. The vision is the destination, while the objectives and strategies are the various steps required to reach this destination within the next three years.


The following vision was formulated for the Mbonambi Municipal area by councillors, officials and members of the public during strategic planning workshops.




To improve the quality of life of all the people of Mbonambi Municipality by creating an economically viable development.




The Mbonambi Municipality will strive towards providing services that will meet  the needs of all people by:


  • Promoting social and economic development;Providing and maintaining
    affordable services; 
  • Efficient and effective utilization of resources; 
  • Marketing the Municipality locally and globally; and 
  • Establishing the Municipality as a tourist destination.  



Driven by the aspiration of the people, and respecting and upholding the Constitution of South Africa, the Municipality is committed to:


  • The Code of Conduct; 
  • Sound Financial Management; and 
  • Service provision to the Council and Communities. 



  • Citizens will be consulted about services levels; 
  • Citizens will be informed about quality of services to be expected; 
  • Citizens will be treated with courtesy and consideration;  
  • All citizens will have equal access to services; 
  • Citizens will receive full and accurate information on services; 
  • Citizens will receive a report once a year reflecting actual performance compared to targeted performance; 
  • Citizens will receive an apology, explanation and remedial action when the need
    arise; and  
  • Every effort will be made to provide best value services to the citizens.